Outdoor Education Assistance Grant



For over 60 years Weston County Natural Resource District (WCNRD) has promoted the conservation of our natural resources through education and project implementation. A vital component of this is working with the youth of Weston County. WCNRD is offering grants to assist with hands-on outdoor learning experiences for youth that focus on natural resources and/or agricultural activities. This unique opportunity is available to school and youth organizations within Weston County.

Key Information

  1. Education events must be hands-on and natural resource, conservation or agricultural-based.

Please provide detail within the narrative as to how and what the students will learn within the criteria, as well as the hands-on activities they will be participating in

  1. Grants must be used for youth group outdoor learning experiences, such as educational materials, camp expenses or fees, lodging, meals, or student transportation
  2. Grant cannot be used to cover consulting fees, salaries, indirect administrative costs, shipping costs, or electronic equipment.
  3. Funds cannot be used for events that have already occurred
  4. Locations of day camps/field days must be within Weston County. Locations outside of Weston County will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  5. Applicant must be a school or organization, not an individual name
  6. Applicants can apply for grant funds up to $500 per event
  7. Applicants will be notified if the application was approved or denied the week following the next monthly WCNRD board meeting.
  8. Upon completion of the event, the WCNRD requests that the recipient provide digital images of the event, as well as a short write-up of the outcome of the event
  9. Grant funds are dispersed upon submission of receipts. Funds are available in advance upon special request. Funds must be used by June 30th of each fiscal year. If an extension is needed, please contact the WCNRD by the first of June to request an extension of funds.

Eligible Participants

Weston County schools and youth programs. The recipient must be an accredited or registered entity. Applicants are free to partner with other organizations to fund the event. The primary responsibility for reporting will lie with the applying organization. The Grant recipient is eligible to receive one grant per fiscal year. A fiscal year is July 1st through June 30th

The application must be received two weeks prior to the board meeting. Applicants will be notified the following week if their application was approved or denied.