WCNRD Boundary Map

WCNRD Boundary Map (click map to enlarge it)

Are you in the district or out of the district?

I ask this question a lot and many people wonder why it matters? Isn’t everyone in Weston County in the district? The answer is no, and that makes the WCNRD unique among Conservation Districts in Wyoming, as not everyone who lives in Weston County is considered in the district.

The original District boundary was land in Weston County that lies east of Highway 85 and north of Highway 16. Landowners inside this area at the time of creation had the option to opt out of the district. Additionally, landowners outside this area were given the option to opt in. All land additions to the district since that time, have been done voluntarily by landowner request. Any land in Weston County lying outside District boundaries can be added voluntarily by landowners to the District at anytime. The District currently encompasses a majority of Weston County.

Why does it matter?

In the 1990’s the district members voted for a mill Levey. This helps to not only support district operations including salary and office operations but also allows us to fund our cost share programs. Including the Natural Resources Cost Share, Septic Maintenance cost share, and the Community Tree Grant programs. the annual Household Hazardous Waste Day, buying books for local libraries, participation in various educational programs including Ag Day, Black Hills Natural Resources Youth Camp, as well as Ag related educational programs are also funded with the Mil Levey.

The district also leverages these funds to obtain additional funding through both local, state, as well as federal grants. The board decided after the Mil Levey was passed, that funds would only be used to assist district members, as they are the ones paying the Mil Levey.

Joining the District

Additions to the district are done on a voluntary basis. If you are interested in what the district can do for you or would like to join the district please contact the office at (307) 3264 ext. 111 today!