The Native American’s named the Black Hills for their black appearance from a distance. Dominated by large stands of ponderosa pine, the forests of Weston County are much more than just the name sake for the region, but are also important wildlife habitat as well as an integral part of the economy of the region.

The timber industry is reliant on a healthy, productive forest and the district is continually working with both private landowners and land managers to assist them in properly managing the forests of Northeast Wyoming. Proper management of our forests also benefits other uses, including wildlife, recreation, beauty, and sustainability.

The district has programs to assist landowners and land managers in forest best management practices. These include thinning ponderosa pine stands to maintain diversity and a distribution of stand age as well as fuels mitigation to assist homeowners in protecting their investment from the threat of wildfire, as well as helping create fuel breaks to assist in preventing and fighting severe wildfires.