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2024 Photo Contest Winner: Kallie Bailey

One of our goals at WCNRD is to develop a community that is engaged and invested in the conservation of our natural resources. We believe that sharing photographs that showcase both the beauty of the area and the need for conservation brings the community together and inspires people to take action.

That’s why we invite you to share your photographs with us – let’s work together to create a better future for our community.

Photo Submissions

WCNRD welcomes photo submissions from anyone who lives in or visits Weston County.  We also host Facebook photo contests to encourage community interest in conservation. 

In the past, we have relied on photos taken by staff, board members, and cooperating agencies for our website, social media pages, publications, and educational materials. To improve the number and variety of photos of Weston County’s natural resources and conservation practices that are available for us to use, we encourage people to share their photos with us.  We will provide credit to the photographer whenever possible.

For both contest entries and general submissions, send a high-resolution photo or scan in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .tiff format to [email protected], along with the appropriate completed and signed form(s). Include “Photo Contest Entry” in the subject line if you are submitting the photos to a photo contest, and “General photo submission” if you are providing photos for our use. 

If you are submitting a photo to a photo contest, please read the general contest rules that are provided in the link below. Rules, terms, and conditions listed in the link below apply to all photos submitted to our photo contests; if a contest has specific requirements, it will be declared in the Facebook post announcing the contest.  If you are entering a photograph that contains people, a model release form will need to be signed by each person that appears in the photograph.  A Photo Contest Entry Form must accompany each photo that is being submitted to the contest.

If you wish to submit photos for WCNRD general use, please read the terms and conditions provided in the link below.  Terms and conditions apply to all photo submissions.  General photo submissions do not need model release forms.  Please submit at least one General Photo Submission Form with your photos, with a location and description for each photo submitted, so that we can provide accurate information if we use the photo for educational purposes.

Filled-out forms may be submitted in any format, as long as they are legible.

General Photo Submission Form (PDF)

Photo Contest Entry Form (PDF)

Model Release Form (PDF)

Contest Rules, Terms, and Conditions

2024 Photo Contest

Here is the winning photograph for the 2024 Photo Contest, as well as a gallery of all submissions.  Thanks to everyone who participated! 

All 2024 Photo Contest Entries

WCNRD Gallery