We have educational materials available!  They can be utilized by teachers, camps, after-school or summer school programs, Scouts, 4-H, and any other interested educators or organizations, or you can arrange for WCNRD staff to teach an activity.

If you have a special activity in mind and we don’t have the materials for it, consider applying for an Outdoor Education Assistance Grant.

Check Out What We Have

WCNRD has dozens of books and materials on a wide variety of natural resource topics.  If you’re looking for information on a specific topic or for a specific book, we may be able to help!

WCNRD also donates books to Weston County schools every year. 

Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12.  Most PLT activities check the boxes for multiple education standards, including Science, Math, STEM, Language Arts, Art, Health/P.E., and Social Studies.  The activities provide opportunities for hands-on, cooperative, and outdoor learning, and most can be modified for different age groups and settings.  For more information about the Project Learning Tree curriculum, visit their website.

WCNRD has staff who are certified to teach PLT curriculum.  

We have several kits for soil science and geology, including samples of soil, rocks, and minerals.

We have materials for multiple water topics including:

  • Watersheds/Pollution 
  • Sediment
  • Invertebrates 

WCNRD has lots of educational material about wildlife, including a Track Replica kit that can be used for print casting or ink prints, and identification guides for birds and invertebrates.

We are happy to advise students who are working on science projects, agronomy projects, research papers, etc.  

We also have equipment and reference materials that may be borrowed or used with supervision at the office such as a microscope, moisture meters, soil sampler probes, example plant mounts, a plant press, and other items.

We have information available about natural resource careers, education paths, and scholarships!  We’d love to see more people pursuing degrees and careers in the field of natural resources.  Another great resource is nrcareers.org, where you can download a PDF guide for pursuing a career in natural resources.

High school juniors and seniors who have a genuine interest in natural resources are welcome to apply to intern with us both during the school year and the summer.  Intern duties include researching and writing articles for the newsletter, gathering information for new conservation projects, accompanying WCNRD/NRCS staff on site inspections, helping with the community garden.