The Community Tree Grant was created to encourage the planting of trees in Weston County communities, The program is designed to assist local organizations, schools, tree boards or other community entities in tree planting projects taking place in Weston County.

Examples of tree planting projects funded in previous years can be seen at the Weston County Library, the Upton Downtown and Elementary School areas, the 4-way stop on the east side of Newcastle, Newcastle Cemetery, Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department, the Bike Path in Newcastle, and the Senior Housing Authority.

The trees must be planted on public property and proposed projects must have the permission of the entity responsible for the property where the planting will occur.

The grant is a 60-40 cost share. The District will pay 60% of the costs while 40% is provided through a financial match or in-kind donation of materials or labor by the applicants. Seven grants up to $500 are funded annually. Along with trees, the grant money can also be used to purchase wire cages, mulch chips or other planting aids to assist with survival and growth of the trees.


Applications will be taken in the fall for 2022

See some of the projects the district has helped fund in the past