Empowering Our Community, Conserving Natural Resources

Our Vision

To develop engaged communities and landowners who take ownership of, and contribute to the conservation of, our natural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

What Are Natural Resources?

Any naturally occurring substance that is utilized by humans can be categorized as a natural resource.  These resources include sunlight, air, water, soil, vegetation, animals, stone, minerals, and fossil fuels.

Some of these resources are essential for our survival, whereas others improve our quality of life.

What is Conservation?

In the context of natural resources, conservation is the preservation and maintenance of resources to prevent their depletion.

If conservation efforts are neglected, the natural resources of our area will be endangered.  The consequences of losing fertile soil, clean air and water, and diverse wildlife will have long-lasting impacts on our community.

How Can You Contribute to Conservation?

By acting as a responsible steward of your land, you can effectively conserve its natural resources, ensuring their availability for both present and future generations.  

By becoming a member of the district, you contribute to funding locally-led conservation programs through a mill levy.  Active participation in these programs aids in the preservation and enhancement of natural resources.  

What the District Offers

Our mission is to provide leadership in conserving the natural resources in the Weston County Natural Resource District by providing information, education, and technical assistance to meet the needs of the users.  As leaders, one of our most important activities is advocating for locally-led conservation efforts, which we do by submitting comments on government plans and policies.

Your contributions allow us to pursue grant funding, which in turn allows us to provide a variety of programs, including Hazardous Waste Day, Black Hills Natural Resource Youth Camp, and educational workshops.  We offer several cost-share opportunities, including community tree plantings, well water testing, septic maintenance, fuel mitigation, and natural resource improvement projects. We also offer assistance in applying for state and federal funding opportunities.

Contact Us:
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