Weston County Natural Resource District

Mission Statement

To provide leadership in conserving the natural resources in the Weston County
Natural Resource District by providing information, education and technical
assistance to meet the needs of the users

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Cost Share Programs

The WCNRD offers cost share programs to assist in stock water development, soil conservation, septic maintenance, community tree planting, and much more.

Forest thinning project

Forest Health

Taking applications now for fuel mitigation projects

Through grants and local funding, the WCNRD assists with thinning projects to help landowners mitigate pest issues and wildfire risk. Proper thinning also improves the quality of harvestable lumber.

Tree Program

Every fall the district provides seedling trees and shrubs for sale for conservation plantings. Sales typically begin in November, with the trees arriving in April. Also providing guidance on windbreak and living snowfence plantings.

Smoothing the Transition

Going beyond traditional estate planning.

A smooth transition of your family farm or ranch to the next generation requires preparation, communication, and planning.

Where are you in the process?

In partnership with Crook County Natural Resource District, we are offering two evening programs March 1st and 2nd to help families go beyond traditional estate planning to take the steps to successfully make the transition.

"In" vs "Out" of the District

District Boundary

2021 WCNRD Boundary Map (click map to enlarge it) Are you in the district or out of the district? The Weston County Natural Resource District is unique among Conservation District’s in Wyoming, as not all the land in Weston County is in the District. When the district was created, it only included land north of Highway 16 and East of Highway 85. Landowners who didn’t […]