Mallo Fuel Mitigation Project

The Mallo Board in conjunction with the Weston County Natural Resource District is accepting bids for fuel mitigation work to be done at Mallo Camp in the fall and winter 2023-2024. Bids are due by July 12th at 5 pm to the Weston County NRD office.

For more information about Mallo Camp:

Project: The project consists of 11 acres total. Eight acres of fuel treatment and 3 acres of fuel break.

Pre-bid meeting: There will be a pre-bid meeting held at Mallo on June 6th at 1 pm.

Request for Bids: Mallo fuels Project RFB.5.2023

KML File: view this file in Google Earth that includes the project map and pictures:

Questions can be directed to Caleb Carter, District Manager, Weston County NRD, at (307) 746-3264 x4