Forest Health

The Native American’s named the Black Hills for their black appearance from a distance. Dominated by large stands of ponderosa pine, the forests of Weston County are much more than just the name sake for the region, but are also important wildlife habitat as well as an integral part of the economy of the region.

Forested Land in Weston County

While forested lands in Weston County comprise a small part of the total acreage, at about 116,000 acres, 66% of these acres are privately owned. The efforts of these private landowners are critical in protecting this natural resource and complimenting efforts by state and federal agencies to manage our forests.

District Programs

The District works closely with land owners by providing tools and information to properly manage their forests. Proper management helps reduce danger from wildfires while also improves the health of the forest while mitigating disease and pest issues.

Thinning also helps to increase value of remaining trees for eventual harvest. Other benefits include improved wildlife habitat and increased grass production for grazing livestock.

The District has two programs to assist landowners in managing their forests and reducing wildfire risk.

Forest Thinning

See our Northeast Wyoming Habitat Improvement Project for more information

Fuels Mitigation
See our current Wildland Urban Interface grant for more on options for cost share on reducing fuels on your property