Product and Equipment Rental

Last Modified on January 7, 2020

Clicking on the form will download a printable copy of the Product and Equipment Rental table. Our Facebook page has pictures of all items for sale or rent.

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Note: Some products are seasonally available.

Bluebird and bat houses are available for sale through the District Office. The houses are built by the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp and come fully assembled.

To purchase a bluebird or bat house, please contact the District Office.

Thanks to the hard work of our local FFA Chapter and funding through the District we again have free wildlife escape ramps available at the District Office.  These ramps are designed to fit a wide variety of water tanks.

Contact the District Office or stop by to pick up escape ramps for your property.

Fence Markers for Sage Grouse Cost Share Program

Fence markers are used to increase fence visibility for sage grouse and other wildlife. This may result in less potential for collision with wire fencing. For sage grouse specifically collisions are most often seen in areas near strutting grounds, or leks, located on sites with gentle terrain. This is a 50 percent cost share. The district will be making the markers to NRCS specifications. There are also opportunities to work with youth organizations to have the installation performed on your property.