Waste Management Program

Last Modified on July 13, 2017

One of WCNRD largest event is the annual Hazardous Waste Management Day, held each fall. This year’s event will be held on September 9th.


This event brings together several community partners including the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp, the City of Newcastle, Weston County, Wyoming Refining Company, and the City of Upton. These partners volunteer their time and money to provide this great community service and help to keep hazardous waste out of the local landfill. The event is held one day only at two location, one in Newcastle and one location in Upton. The event continues to grow and at Last year’s event the following was brought in by the community for recycling and proper disposal; 1 pallet of E-waste, 10 drums of pesticide, 10 bins of paint/solvents, 2 drums of motor oil, Batteries, florescent light tubes, Asbestos, and other house hold hazardous waste.


WCNRD continued to partner with the City of Newcastle for recycling in the county. WCNRD continued to distribute reusable tote bags throughout Weston County. Local stores have even begun handing them out to their customers.